This is the American Board of Family Medicine’s activity management site. The ABFM Activity Manager provides information about alternative pathways for Family Medicine Certification Requirements (FMCR) credit and allows individuals, groups, or activity sponsors to prepare and submit applications for board review.

In the ABFM Activity Manager, you can:

  • Register/login to the activity management system (but not the ABFM Physician Portfolio)
  • Get tech support for activity management system issues (e.g., forgotten passwords, system errors, etc.)
  • Get the most current information about alternative pathway options
  • Create and submit applications or other required forms

As new options for FMCR credit become available in the ABFM Activity Manager, you will be able to access pathway information by clicking on the links in the bulleted lists below or by selecting the relevant tab at the top of this page. If the pathway you are interested in is not yet available in this system, please contact the ABFM Alternative Activities Program at alternatives@theabfm.org for more information.

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Individual Pathways

Family Physicians have many choices for completing certification requirements. For Performance Improvement Activities, there are several web-based options available in the Activity Manager:

Additional board-developed or board-sponsored web-based options are available through the ABFM Physician Portfolio, such as:

  • Performance in Practice Modules (PPMs)
  • Methods in Medicine Modules (MIMMs)

Sponsored Pathways

Many organizations develop and oversee meaningful quality improvement efforts that could qualify for FMCR credit for participating physicians. Currently, there are three options available to have well-designed activities considered for approval. Depending on the needs of your organization, you can consider: